Trailways Standing Committees Descriptions

Trailways Standing Committees Descriptions

Executive Committee:   Operates in the name of the full Trailways Board of Directors when the Board is not in session, and/or manage emergencies or issues that require immediate attention.

Associate/Industry Committee:   Provides liaison with open and two-way dialogue, positive relationships between Trailways motorcoach companies and industry suppliers, supporters, and strategic alliance partners or entities; advises the Board and staff about issues of concern that may affect associate and industry members, which support the organization and its motorcoach companies; recommends new programs or solutions to problems that impact their role as an active and valuable component of the organization; and, helps to foster the development of vendor, supplier, destination, and attraction programs that will assist the organization in reaching its long-range goals.

Bylaws Committee:  Reviews, identifies, and recommends rules or the revision of rules that Trailways has adopted, which define its structure and governs it functions.

Finance Committee:  Ensures the financial stability and well-being of Trailways by providing oversight of its budget and investments.

Insurance Committee: Studies, evaluates, and recommends various warranty- and surety-coverage programs for vehicle liability, health, workers’ compensation, directors & officers, life, property or other Trailways motorcoach company assurance programs.

Legislative Affairs Committee:   Identifies legislative and regulatory developments at the state and federal level;  guides the design of strategies, policies, and resources for Trailways motorcoach companies to use in presenting its position to elected representatives and policy makers, and develops consensus positions on policy issues affecting the membership for consideration by the Board of Directors.

License, Copyright, & Trademark Committee: Provides overview of all motorcoach companies and other related-members or entities to ensure their conformity to the rules and requirements in the license agreement; reviews franchisees’ use of the Trailways good name and mark in all areas that promote good will, member identity, consumer use and industry positioning; ensures all members adhere to the rules, regulations, and requirements described in the license agreement; and deliberates with the Staff, Board, and/or legal counsel concerning any actions, changes, or improvements that are necessary for its legally registered trademark to maintain all federally copyright and trademark registrations. 

Maintenance & Equipment Committee:  Develops favorable rapport with industry vendors and suppliers that provide Trailways motorcoach/transportation-member companies with a wide variety of utility products and conveyance equipment, and the maintenance of conveyance equipment; and, review, tour or inspect products or equipment. When appropriate, secure group -incentives and/or -discounts that positively impact transportation members-companies’ business operations

Marketing Council:  Provides overview and counsel to the Trailways Board and Transportation Members in all external affairs, industry matters and issues, and marketing trends that pertain to the awareness, recognition, promotion and sale of the membership’s expansive consumer services and programs. 

Strategic Planning Sub-Committee:  Studies the changing trends in the travel and transportation industry and anticipates the demands that these trends will have on Trailways and all its motorcoach members during the next ten years; and advises the Board and Staff on the strategic direction of the organization through the development of a short- and long-range, strategic business plan. Membership Standards & Review Committee: 

Membership Standards & Review Committee:  Promotes franchise membership to nonmember transportation companies; reviews opportunities to expand Trailways in underdeveloped markets, states, regions or countries; reviews prospective member applications to ensure that these companies meet an elevated level of operating practices and safety standards; and, when necessary, recommend membership criteria improvements or revisions.   

Nominating Committee:   Identifies, qualifies, cultivates, recruits and selects Trailways Board of Director Candidates for nomination and election to serve as Directors; and, orient, involve and recognize Board leaders to serve as Officers. 

Safety-Security Committee:   Monitors, informs, and regulates; insuring that transportation members adhere to all federal and state regulated safe-vehicle operating policies and procedures as well as ensure that safe-driving practices are implemented within the member network to safeguard and secure the well-being of all consumers traveling within the Trailways system; and administers the Annual Safety Awards program according to the policies and procedures set forth by law, including those elevated safe-operating standards, which have been established and mandated by the Board of Directors.

Security: Furthermore and in concert with the US Homeland Security Administration seeks, trains and implements all possible technologies, programs, and protocols that will better secure all Trailways-branded vehicle fleets and safeguard passengers that travel with Trailways member-companies against all possible illegal or terrorist-related acts in North America.

Safety-Security Sub-Committee -- Department of Defense (DOD) & Military Movements:  Acts as the intermediate for all transportation member-companies in seeking, securing and expanding Trailways passenger movement relationship with the United States Military and other Governments Agencies.  Provide information to all transportation-members regarding changes to- or the development of new US government policies, safety requirements and other regulations or restrictions that affect the rights or rules to move troupes or government passengers. Establish and cultivate partnerships and alliances with safety regulators, enforcements agencies and other pertinent military or government movement personnel.  


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