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Trailways Employment Opportunities

Veterans Transportation Career Center: For Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

New federal rules and regulations now allow State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLA), the right to waive the commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills test for military personnel who have two years of safe driving experience in a large truck or bus. Other restrictions may be applied by each individual State.

Utilize the “Joining Forces” program to post a job or apply for a job:


Outstanding Driver of the Year Nominations:

West of Mississippi River (2014)

On behalf of Trailways Board of Directors and members of the Safety-Security Committee, we encourage you to honor your company’s outstanding drivers! If your company is located west of the Mississippi River, please consider the worthiness of your Driver Team and submit their names for this calendar year’s (2014) annual awards celebration.

Recognition will be held during Trailways’ annual conference, March 8-10, 2015. Trailways Corporate will provide two free hotel room nights for any outstanding driver(s) selected. Drivers can be either group charter or scheduled route drivers.


Trailways Driver Newsletter

2014 Newsletter

The Trailways Driving Times newsletter, written especially for drivers, dispatchers, mechanics and general employees, is published annually in the summer. Please place it in your break room, or distribute it in areas where these key personnel will read it. For more copies, please contact the Trailways Corporate Office at (703) 691-3052.* Debuted in 2012, it is the first-ever Trailways driver newsletter and we invite all drivers and staff to submit news and photos for future issues to tracey@trailways.com. We value your affiliation with Trailways and appreciate all the employees who contribute greatly to the success of your company and Team Trailways.

P.S., Stockholders: you may also want to add a link to the newsletter on your website in the HR section. The direct URL is: http://trailways.com/docs/Trailways_Newsletter.pdf

Past Newsletters

2013 Newsletter

2012 Newsletter

Trailways Employment Opportunities

Job Description: A Professional Driver Position

A Trailways professional driver is responsible for the physical possession of controlling and safely navigating a for-hire motorcoach as assigned by a motorcoach company's supervisor or dispatcher, as well as any and all other company for-hire vehicles as assigned; the care of travel passengers, including their safety, security, and assisting them on- and off- the motorcoach; all package express shipments transported aboard and located inside the coach's luggage/storage bay areas; authorized passenger baggage placed aboard the motorcoach or vehicle and transported within a baggage compartments; all monies collected from fare-paying passengers; accounting for all passenger tickets and bus bills collected; the transport and discharging of all scheduled, chartered, tour, or sightseeing passengers; and, the transportation and delivery of inter-office and/or depot mail.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Read, write, and speak English fluently. The ability to speak a foreign language would be advantageous.
  • Complete all required paperwork legibly, neatly, and in a timely manner.
  • Possess general High School mathematical skills.
  • Obtain, possess, and maintain a Commercial Drivers License, Class B, including a Passenger endorsement.
  • Obtain or be able to obtain and subsequently maintain a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) driver physical qualification.
  • Drive a motorcoach of up to 45-feet in length and any other company for-hire passenger or personal vehicles safely, efficiently, and courteously on all public highways and private property as directed, including cities and mountainous regions, through all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Know (or be able to learn) and apply both safe driving techniques and the requirements, limitations and provisions of the DOT regulations, which pertain to the operation of commercial passenger transportation vehicles.
  • Maintain a driving record free of all major traffic citations, including no major "at fault" vehicle accidents.
  • Have the ability to load and unload baggage as well as package express by hand up to a weight permissible by existing tariffs, usually considered 100 lbs.
  • Treat all passengers, company personnel, and other individuals associated with their assigned work in a friendly, courtesy, and professional manner. A hire motorcoach driver is known as a "People Person."
  • Work with other company personnel as a member of the "TEAM." This requires the driver to coordinate activities with others and to function simultaneously as a whole unit.

Objectives and Activities:

A driver will spend at least seventy percent (70%) of the time driving a for-hire motorcoach and/or vehicle as dispatched on Regularly Scheduled Inter-City Service routes, Chartered Trips, Sightseeing Tours, and/or any other transport journeys as required. This may include waiting with the motorcoach until such time its passengers return to the coach from their scheduled activities.

A driver will spend ten percent (10%) of the time planning, coordinating and interfacing with other for-hire drivers and/or company personnel in order to execute the dispatched trip as a cohesive unit. This will require advance trip planning and communication with others while performing the driving duties.

A driver will spend five percent (5%) of the time performing for-hire vehicle inspections and maintenance as directed by the Trailways Company's maintenance personnel, fueling the vehicle when needed, and routinely check all levels of fluids and gauges.

Another five (5%) of the time will be spent engaged in completing the company's required written reports and time-allocation logs including, but not limited to: documenting hours of service logs; records inspection; charter/tour dispatches and envelopes; receipt management for all expenses; and other miscellaneous reporting duties. Frequent communication, either on a daily basis or as needed, with the company's dispatch and maintenance personnel, is required. All written reports must be submitted at the conclusion of an assignment but not later than the following morning.

A driver will spend five percent (5%) of the time managing and handling baggage, express package shipments; as well as loading and or unloading baggage, and express package shipments. In addition, the driver is required to maintain written records providing an accounting of said inventory for all express package shipments. Note: any overage/shortage of items must be immediately reported to the Trailways Company's supervisory personnel.

Lastly, five percent (5%) of the time will be dedicated to ongoing driver education, which includes attending all driver safety and security meetings as directed by the driver's supervisor.

Non-Essential Job Tasks/Demands:


For driver jobs or other job openings please check with the Human Resources Office at the companies in your area on this list and please contact them directly or visit their job section online.


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