Red River Trailways Renews A Family Tradition

Red River Trailways Renews A Family Tradition

Fairfax, VA - Red River Trailways of Shreveport, LA, is the latest U.S. independent coach operator to step-aboard the rapidly growing global network that is Team Trailways. Its recent affiliation with Trailways marks Red River's renewal of a family business tradition.

As his family's third generation motorcoach owner/operator, Peter Ramsey, Red River Trailways president, said affiliating with the North America's leading group of independent motorcoach companies is like returning home.

"My grandfather started a bus company in Shreveport back in 1922, and he affiliated with Trailways in the 1930's, right after it organized," he said. "By the end of World War II, he had grown the company to one of the largest independents in America."

Ramsey's grandfather sold the company shortly before his retirement in the 40s. Family members continued the business tradition with other motorcoach companies through subsequent decades in Arkansas and Missouri.

Ramsey and his wife decided to return to Shreveport in 2006 and pick-up where his grandfather started. They organized Red River Trailways, which now has five full-sized motorcoaches and a diversified business base that serves church groups, schools, conventions, and sporting events. Charter tours across the U.S. are also in the Red River repertoire.

"The economy here in ‘Arklatex' is doing well," says Ramsey, "largely because of the boom in natural gas activity. So we are on-the-grow as well. Texas is only 20 miles away, and Arkansas, just 30.

"We feel it is a natural for us to affiliate with Trailways - because of our own family history with the organization, and because it offers us a great network of other operators who can provide us with business advice and help--while on the road. We also look forward to participating in Team Trailways' large national transportation contracts and other initiatives. More than anything, we know Trailways gives us the respected name recognition my grandfather used to grow his company many decades ago."

Red River joins Salter Trailways of Jonesboro and Louisiana Trailways of Marrero in offering Louisiana and neighboring state consumers with the finest in safe, secure, and reliable charter, tour, and other travel-related services. All Trailways companies fulfill the U.S. Department of Defense's (DOD) rigorous safety certified required standards.

For more information about Trailways, contact Mark Szyperski, Trailways Corporate Office at 703-691-3052; or, visit


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