Trailways Celebrates 80 Years

On February 5th of 2016, Trailways celebrates its 80th anniversary. While the story of the organization over those 80 years is fascinating, and their membership concept has expanded, Trailways remains a group of smaller and independent bus companies running under a common brand to improve safety and operations for their passengers. Here is the interesting story on how Trailways evolved into what it is today. Read More

By Larry Plachno, National Bus Trader

Trailways Companies Send in Photos to Celebrate
80th Anniversary

1 - Thrasher Brothers Trailways, ALThrasher Brothers Trailways, Alabama

2 - Pacific Coachways TrailwaysPacific Coast Trailways, California

3 - Burlington Trailways, IowaBurlington Trailways, Iowa

5 - Excursions Trailways, INExcursions Trailways, Indiana

6 - Adirondack Trailways, NYAdirondack Trailways, New York

8 - Fullington Trailways, PAFullington Trailways, Pennsylvania

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