Trailways Unveils Outstanding Bus Driver Award Recipients


Four national drivers win, a new record

Press Release

April 6, 2017 – Four Outstanding Trailways Drivers of the Year were recently announced at the Trailways annual meeting held March 26-28, 2017 in California.  The winners were recognized in person at the Trailways gala dinner award ceremony, sponsored by Lancer Insurance, and announced by their representative, Bob Crescenzo.  “This type of success requires a disciplined, dedicated and proud employee with a great work ethic,” he said.  Lancer has sponsored the award for four years.

The criteria for the Outstanding Trailways Driver of the Year Award is:

  • A driver candidate must drive at least 20,00 miles (or drive 600 hours) in the last calendar year;
  • The person must have worked for three consecutive years at the same company;
  • The driver must exhibit the highest level of professionalism and safety during the past year with no reportable accidents.
  • They must not be late to work or absent.
  • They can be a full-time or part-time driver.
  • Their motor vehicle report in their state and their accident history for the last three years is reviewed by Trailways headquarters.
  • And lastly, their supervisor must write a letter of support and they must have passenger/client testimonials.

Mr. Crescenzo announced the following:

We are very pleased this year to have not just one, not just, and not only three, but four nominations for this prestigious award!

So, I guess this means we have our own “FOUR CHAIR TURN”!

And, just like ‘The Voice’, we certainly have a lot of talented drivers with us this year.  Each Driver here tonight and all of you, are a star to us!

Two of our drivers traveled from nearby.  They are both from California but two came all the way from the Midwest.

The latter two are very happy to be out of the cold weather to be in California.

So, with four winning driver recipients attending this year, it is indeed a special occasion.

Trailways has hosted their stay here at the Hyatt.  The break is well-deserved and what better place than beautiful Newport Beach.

Eva Hotard, Trailways’ CEO and Jonathan Berzas, Chairman, told me that four may be the most driver nominations they have awarded at one time.  I’m sure that we can all agree…the more the better!

We can never stop saying thank you to our good drivers.

At Lancer, we also believe that the drivers are the most valuable people to our companies.  The more praise and recognition, the better!  It is well deserved.

So, it’s not only a historic year, but a very timely one.  As you heard today, Trailways is focusing on Enhanced Customer Service.  These drivers will make great role models, as you’re about to hear…

Thank you as well to the Trailways company owners who nominated these drivers!  You are role models, too.  And now, let’s meet our recipients:

In the Charters & Tours Division, we have THREE Co-Winners this year

  • The first individual has been nominated by Ron Moore, Burlington Trailways, West Burlington, Iowa and endorsed by their Charter Manager, Kathy Trublood.

He has driven seventy-five thousand, six hundred and fifty-eight thousand miles accident-free this past year.  His charter manager said they receive only good reports from groups about this man.  One of his group leaders, with a women’s college basketball team, said, “they were so impressed with his kindness and dedication that we will request him the entire season.”

She also said that the team really bonded with him and how extremely grateful they are for all he did.  “It was comforting to know that when the team traveled, they were in the safe care of this driver!

Another customer, a bank vice president, said that he responded quickly when their group had a tornado threat at a baseball stadium.  He rushed to get the coach, even though they didn’t need it after all.  The customer said he had “excellent driving skills under difficult conditions and maintained his positive, upbeat personality.  He is a gem.”

And the recipient is….Terry Martin, Burlington Trailways Charter & Tour Division

  • The second Co-Winner in the Charter & Tour Division is from a California-based Trailways company. This driver has been nominated by Mike Haworth and his management team at Orange Belt Trailways. 

He has driven seventy-five thousand miles with Orange Belt Trailways this past year, accident-free.  He has been nominated by Mike Haworth, the president and general manager.  This special driver has been with the company for 29 years.

He is now a senior charter driver.  “He is one of the many quality drivers who lifts our industry from simply a bus ride, to an experience enjoyed by passengers who feel safe, comfortable and treated with respect and dignity,”  Haworth said.

The company’s Tour Manager for their Orange Belt Adventures division, also says, “he is a regular driver for our multi-day tours on the coast.  He is a GREAT bus driver that goes beyond the job description to make sure everyone has the BEST travel experience possible.  He keeps the coach clean, always has it ready to load in a timely manner, and is there to assist the passengers.  “He sets a fine example for Orange Belt Trailways and I always enjoy working with him.”

And the recipient is …Jon Pattee from Orange Belt Trailways

  • Our third co-winner in the Charter & Tour Division has been nominated by Tom & Mike Giddens of Pacific Coachways Trailways.

This driver is a former U.S. Army medic; an EMT; taxi driver, and trucker who found his calling when he learned to drive a motor coach.  And that was 10 years ago, when he first began as a driver with Burlington Trailways.

He completed his school bus driving certification first, then moved on as a coach driver.  He is a dedicated family man, too, with two daughters.

A client said, “Martin drove our church group to camp during bad weather in heavy traffic and he remained easy-going, friendly and helpful…he’s a GREAT bus driver!”  Another customer said, “we would hire Martin again in a heartbeat!  He is a superb navigator of a bus and had excellent timeliness and friendliness.”

And the recipient is….Martin Martinez – Pacific Coachways Trailways

Lastly, the sole winner in the Scheduled Route division is also from Burlington Trailways in West Burlington, Iowa.  He’s also very happy to be in sunny, warm California!

This person has driven and amazing one hundred and one thousand, one hundred and seventy-four miles this past year, accident free!

His supervisor said that he is Burlington’s strongest and most consistent Line Run driver and is an excellent nominee. He assists with training new drivers who “always compliment his ability to handle the bus.”

I have known him for five years and he is always reliable.  He is patient, professional with his customers and takes great pride in his work.  He is professional from the minute he does his pre-trip until the time he parks and does his post-trip.  The quality of his work and the quality of this young man as a human being makes him a great choice for Driver of the Year in our national Trailways family.

And the recipient is….TOBY Cluney – Burlington Trailways – Scheduled Route Division – Winner with 101,074 Miles Driven in 2016

Mr. Crescenzo and the attendees gave big round of applause for the “four chair turn” and everyone said congratulations to the four amazing bus drivers.  It’s no doubt that these four outstanding drivers exemplify the Trailways spirit.

Trailways company owners, back row, with the four recipients of the National Trailways Driver of the Year Award (2016) seated, from left, Toby Cluney; Martin Martinez; Jon Pattee, and Terry Martin.

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