Charter Travel Tips

Charter Travel Tips

The key to selecting the right motorcoach company is:

Be Sure and Ask The Right Questions!

When speaking with any passenger transportation company about a group move or coach charter, be sure to determine the following point(s) when discussing bus rental pricing and travel package costs:

  • Discuss motorcoach size and what amenities you would like. In your discussions with the motorcoach company representative, be thorough in discussing your needs and any special amenities (such as an entertainer bus). This will avoid misunderstandings later.
  • Ask about policies for deposits, final payment, refunds, and cancellations. Who pays for the driver’s hotel room? Find out if the driver’s room is included in the cost of the charter, or if you or your group will be responsible for covering the cost of the driver’s hotel room.
  • Are video-equipped motorcoaches available?  Educational videos or movies can help pass the hours.  Sports teams can utilize the travel time to review game videos.
  • When comparing quotes, make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Not all motorcoach companies are created equal. Things like driver experience, equipment maintenance, and company stability are often overlooked; but their value is of the utmost significance.
  • Provide a trip itinerary to your bus company. This document will insure your drivers are thoroughly prepared to execute your journey as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

You can discuss these or any other questions with your Trailways representative. We are here to make your next trip safe, secure, comfortable, enjoyable, and reliable:

Relax; it’s Trailways!

  • Can we take food or drinks on a Trailways chartered vehicle? 

    • Yes; food and drinks onboard motorcoaches are permitted; and to provide the safest environment, we ask that your beverages be in plastic bottles or cans.

  • Can we smoke onboard a Trailways chartered vehicle? 

    • Sorry, but no. We are proud to provide a smoke-free environment to all passengers onboard our coaches. 

      However, if your group wishes to smoke, we will be glad to make rest stops as needed.

  • Where can the Trailways vehicle travel to pick-up our group? 

    • That's the beauty of chartering a motorcoach, Trailways companies travel to you. We can pick-up passengers wherever you select and then travel to your destination. 

  • What other amenities are onboard a Trailways motorcoach? 

    • All of our coaches are equipped with DVD players, AM/FM radios, PA systems, reclining seats, foot rests, large scenic windows, individual reading lights, and of course, air conditioning; and, many full-size motorcoaches are now equipped with WIFI Internet connections. Feel free to bring your favorite movies to watch while traveling.

  • Does Trailways have regular scheduled runs from city-to-city? 

    • Yes, for nearly 80 years, we have offered regularly scheduled route or runs from city-to-city; today, we provide this specialized service in areas throughout parts of North America.

      For the majority of our motorcoach companies, we offer a wide variety of distinguished for-hire group move and coach charter services for customers wishing to charter a specific style of vehicle and/or fleet of vehicles to travel to the destination of their choice.

  • Where does Trailways store my luggage; and, how much luggage can I take? 

    • All of our vehicles have ample space to carry your luggage. A full-size motorcoach also has an overhead compartment inside the vehicle for one (1) piece of held-hand luggage.

  • What if our plans change while at our event, can we reach the Trailways driver directly? 

    • We are happy to provide your group leader with our driver’s cell phone number. This number will provide you with a direct communication link should your plans change.

  • Can Trailways drive straight through to our destination? 

    • In order to provide the safest transportation to our clients, we comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These specific rules dictate exactly how long a driver can be on duty and behind the wheel.

      Our logistics team charts the specific details of each journey to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency when planning every long-distance trip.

  • Our trip is overnight, do we need to arrange overnight accommodations for the Trailways driver? 

    • Yes; and, be sure to check with your Trailways motorcoach service company on how these costs are calculated.

  • Are Trailways motorcoaches restroom equipped? 

    • Yes. All full-sized motorcoaches are restroom equipped. Only the 15- and 24-passenger vehicles are not restroom equipped.


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