Travel Provided By Trailways

Travel Provided By Trailways

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  • Carefree Travel. Trailways travelers are free of the continuous hassle associated with highway and city congested traffic or airline delays, navigating road maps, locating convenient parking spaces, or back-seat drivers; Traveling by motorcoach provides a relaxed climate-controlled atmosphere that is free from distractions and responsibilities. Also, motorcoach travel provides the freedom to enjoy travel while a certified, safe, friendly, and professional driver operates the vehicle.
  • See the Sights. Relax and enjoy the scenery through panoramic motorcoach windows; and see the world as it was meant to be seen…onboard Trailways, at Scenery Level.
  • Read, Relax or Sleep. Today's Trailways luxury motorcoaches provide travelers with reading lights, and stylish, comfortable reclining seats—providing first-class travel at coach prices.
  • Stretch Your Legs; Enjoy Refreshments or Socialize. Stand-up and stretch your legs; enjoy a beverage or snack. Visit with friends or fellow travelers; you can do it all virtually any time you like. There is no better way to meet new acquaintances or enjoy the company of old friends than the adventure of traveling onboard Trailways together for work, vacation, or play.
  • Enjoy Music or Movies. Watch a full-length feature film, video, or quietly listen to music from the comfort of your seat on a Trailways motorcoach.
  • Save Travel Costs. There is no more economical way to travel than by motorcoach. First-class travel does not mean first-class costs, however. Generally, each traveler's share of the cost of traveling aboard a luxury Trailways motorcoach will be far less than any other mode of passenger transportation; and, it costs far less than utilizing privately owned or rental automobiles.
  • Door-to-Door Passenger Service.  A Trailways luxury motorcoach provides service right up to the door and can take travelers wherever they would like to go, conveniently, safely, and securely.
  • Environmental Friendly. Trailways luxury motorcoaches are both fuel-efficient and environmentally sound. On a per passenger basis, a luxury motorcoach is among the most environmentally clean modes of transportation in the world.
  • Safe and Secure.  For Trailways, there is nothing more important than passenger safety. The Federal Highway Administration reported that in 2006, motorcoach accidents accounted for less than one-tenth of one percent of all highway related crash fatalities. The motorcoach industry transports, in an average year, more than 750 million passengers covering some 40 billion-passenger miles—that is 10 times more than the airlines.
  • Dependability and Experience. Trailways has provided dependable passenger transportation services since 1936. Our group of globally connected and privately owned motorcoach companies offers almost eight decades of safe, secure, comfortable and reliable travel experience.
  • Vehicle, Style and Selection. Trailways offers a universal fleet of more than 4,000 for-hire vehicles, which include over 2,000 late-model luxury motorcoaches that provide state-of-the-art equipment. 
  • Service Staff. Trailways employs more than 12,000 office staff, industry experts, safety technicians, mechanics, and licensed, certified professional drivers—all prideful of their continuous industry experiences, training, and commitment to providing superior service ensuring that every passenger truly enjoys pleasant and memorable travel experiences.
  • Superior Safety Performance. Trailways is the only privately operated group of motorcoach companies in North America, mandated to maintain the highest level of the US Department of Defense (US DOD) Safety-Certified designation.
  • Valued Pricing. Trailways is a valued-priced passenger-transport provider. We provide price-value through our travel integrity, security, safety, customized service, and the finest array of travel products that helps to maximize the value of using motorcoach travel.

What is Included in a Trailways Group Move or Coach Charter Quote?

A price quoted for a single day trip from Trailways is generally based upon a 12-hour period, commencing from the time the first passenger boards, and up until the time the last passenger departs from the coach. Additional hours may be added at a per hour rate. Multi-day trips may be priced based on mileage, daily itinerary, transfers, and/or overnight stays.

Is Trailways Driver Gratuities Included in the Price of a Charter?

No. Gratuity for superior Trailways driver services average $1.00 to $2.00 per passenger.

What are Trailways Group Move or Coach Charter Terms?

Trailways contracts must be signed and returned within 10 days of initial booking; and generally a 30 to 50% deposit must be included, along with the signed for-hire transport contract.

Final/Full payment is due to Trailways not less than 15 days in advance of the charter trip. Some charter contracts may also require an additional protection deposit in case of certain bus damages. 


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