Trailways Trip Planning

Trailways Trip Planning

Trailways has the ability to tailor a travel package to suit your needs, ranging from a simple day-trip, mass people moves, to a seasonal or circuit nationwide tour. We can provide you with all your coach requirements. 

Other Trailways Travel Services include:

  • Business and Corporate Travel
  • Conference-Convention Transport
  • Wedding, Family, and Special Functions
  • Club, Society, Trade, or Association Travel
  • Festival or City Transport
  • Single-Multi-Day Excursions
  • Port-Cruise Transfers
  • School Travel
  • Military Transfers
  • Touring
  • Local Sightseeing
  • Incoming Tourism
  • Airport Transfers
  • Theatre Outings
  • Contract Hire

Services Tip: Using a Trailways motorcoach to transport wedding guests is an outstanding method to move groups of people easily, efficiently, and in luxury.  It is also a very practical method to get everyone to the wedding-venue together and at the right time.  It is a smart way to overcome the logistical problems of transportation to the reception, especially when many are strangers to the area, to say nothing of the problems of parking.

Did You Know: Private bus and transit services reduce the demand on roadway capacities by transporting millions of passengers daily for work, business, pleasure, or play, resulting in a U.S. fuel-savings of more than 4.2 billion gallons annually, along with a reduction in the nation's carbon emission by 37 million metric tons a year!

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