Welcome to Trailways!

Trailways Transportation System was founded on February 5, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois.

It was founded by five independent U.S. bus companies:

  • Burlington Transportation Company – H.W. Stewart, Chairman
  • Frank Martz Coach Company – Frank Martz, Sr., Director
  • Missouri-Pacific Stages – A.E. Greenleaf, Secretary
  • Safeway Lines, Inc. – A.T. Williams, Treasurer
  • Santa Fe Trails Transportation Company – P.O. Dittmar, Vice Chair

It is composed of privately owned or independently operated bus companies.

It is structured by brand uniformity and required safety and operational standards.

Bus companies are granted territories and are licensed to use the trademarked Trailways brand name.

Trailways’ goal for its affiliated bus companies is to assist them with increasing business.

To be eligible to be affiliated, owners must have five or more buses and DOD safety certification.

Trailways is a private stock corporation.

If interested in affiliating, please contact Trailways for more information:

Trailways Headquarters Office
3554 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 202, Fairfax, Virginia 22030-2709
Administrative Office Phone: 703-691-3052
Charters Toll Free: 877-GoRedGo (877-467-3346) or Email: charters@trailways.com
Fax: 703-691-9047
Email: Service@trailways.com