Trailways Unveils Outstanding Motorcoach Drivers of the Year

2017 Trailways Driver of the Year Award Recipients

Awards Gala Dinner – Hilton San Destin, Florida – Feb. 27, 2018
Sponsored by Lancer Insurance

Trailways criteria to be nominated for Outstanding Driver of the Year

  • A Full Time Driver must drive at least 20,000 miles or provide service for at least 600 hours during the calendar year.
  • A Part Time Driver must driver at least 10,000 miles or provide service for at least 300 hours during the prior calendar year (2015).
  • In addition, any driver nominated must have NO “preventable accidents” last year, they may not be Absent or even LATE from work in 2017

Five Recipients of the 2017 Trailways Outstanding Driver of the Year awards:

1) The first driver awardee is Bill Backus with First Priority Trailways of Maryland.

He is nominated by Marcia Milton, President & CEO of First Priority which is located near Washington, D.C. Bill drove forty-three thousand five hundred miles accident free in 2017. Bill has served for 16 Years with First Priority.  He is their most-requested driver as well as a driver trainer.  Priority transports some very important customers …. such as the U.S. Army Medical Center, the Pentagon and even the White House. In fact, Bill was the lead driver for the Obama inauguration several years ago. Afterwards, the Secret Service called to compliment his professionalism.   Even the director of transportation for the Pentagon praised him as a great leader… Marcia says Bill “represents all that Trailways stands for.”  Our clients compliment him for his professional dress, behavior and driving abilities,” she said.

2) The second driver is Tomas Caminero from Adirondack Trailways of New York.

He is nominated by Joe Aversaro, Vice President of Operations and Safety. Tomas drove seventy-two thousand, four hundred and seventy miles in 2017 accident free. Tom is truly happy to come to work every day.  “His positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious” Joe said. Tomas is a dedicated charter driver. He has safely driven State University of New York charters throughout northern New York in hazardous conditions many times.  His dispatcher says Tomas is the ultimate professional.  “He is prompt, eager and keeps his uniform clean and tidy.  He is willing to help on all levels.” Tomas has no preventable accidents of any kind and has not been absent or late for work in all of 2017.

3) Our third Outstanding Driver is Ed Horn with Pine Hill Trailways of New York.

He is also nominated by Joe Aversano. Ed has been a full-time scheduled route driver for 25 years.  He has also been a Driver trainer for 15 years. Last year, he drove fifty-nine thousand six hundred miles accident-free. Ed drives from Kingston into the Port Authority of New York everyday…Through city traffic and the Lincoln Tunnel…plus trips further upstate to and from Utica. In addition, Ed participates in the annual seminars with the Safety Department and has his certification to train in the Smith Driving System. In total, during his 25 years, he has driven an amazing one point three million accident-free miles

4) The fourth driver is Doug Buffone and he’s from New York Trailways in Rochester, NY.

He was nominated by Jack Barker, the company’s Vice President. Doug drives the scheduled route between Buffalo and New York City.  Last year, he logged ninety-three thousand, two hundred and seventy miles. Doug has all the qualities you could possibly hope for in an employee and driver…he’s upbeat, and willing to go the extra step to assist passengers.  He’s cooperative and prompt with his trip reports. One of his regular passengers says…” He has a very professional attitude … We need more drivers like him! Doug has a great philosophy:  he says, “on every trip, there’s at least one first-time rider sitting behind you.”

5) The fifth driver awardee is from Capital and Colonial Trailways of Montgomery Alabama.

His name is Rick Calloway. He was nominated by Tom Fletcher, president of Capital-Colonial Trailways. Rick has been with the company for an amazing 38 years. Over the years, Rick has driven Charters as well line runs and tours. Not surprisingly, he is the company’s most experienced driver.  Even more incredible, he never has had a chargeable accident. Rick has many letters of praise from customers over the years. He’s always described as safe, patient, careful, courteous, and kind.  Rick is an example for their driving force and the company overall. Rick Calloway, had one hundred thousand, two hundred and sixty safe driving miles last year.

Far left and far right, representatives from the award sponsor, Lancer Insurance, Robert (Bob) Crescenzo and Randy O’Neill.

Front row, from left, 2017 Trailways Oustanding Driver of the Year Award recipients:
Danny Bishop with Harlows’ Trailways*, ND; Bill Backus with First Priority Trailways of Maryland; Tomas Caminero with Adirondack Trailways of New York; Ed Horn with Pine Hill Trailways of New York; Douglas Buffone with New York Trailways and Ricky Calloway with Capital and Colonial Trailways of Alabama.
Back row, nominations submitted by owner-opeators, Marcia Milton with First Priority Trailways, Md; Eugene (Gene) Berardi with Adirondack/Pine Hill/New York Trailways, NY, and Mike Hazard and Tom Fletcher with Capitol-Colonial Trailways, Ala.

703-691-3052 Ext. 3
*Special Safe Driver Recognition Award – see separate information here

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