Thank you for choosing Trailways for your bus travel rather than flying or driving.  Plan your bus trip by checking online for the date you wish to travel and the departure and arrival destinations and purchase your tickets online. Thank you!

Policies, Ticket Changes, Boarding & I.D.:

The Trailways Transportation System, Inc. ("Trailways") is an online ticket sales agent providing this transaction on behalf of the bus carrier or carriers listed on your itinerary, boarding pass(es) and receipt (you travel documents). In issuing these boarding pass(es) for travel over-the-road via the bus carrier(s) listed in your travel documents, Trailways acts only as an online sales agent; and, does not assume responsibility for transportation over-the-road for the bus carrier(s) listed in your travel documents, except as responsibility may be imposed by law. In the sale of interline, through transportation of passengers across International borders, Trailways assumes no liability for the transportation by, or the acts and neglect of any Bus Carrier beyond such International borders.

Transportation purchased via the Trailways Online Ticketing System ( is non-refundable and non-transferable. Origin, destination, and routing cannot be changed. You must specify your travel dates on both one-way and roundtrip portions of your trip; travel dates and times may be changed, but such changes are subject to a $20.00 change fee. Changes to your travel plans are subject to the policies of each individual carrier.

Fare prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars; unless otherwise noted.

When using boarding pass(es) purchased from, you must travel on the exact dates as purchased, from the exact location(s), as purchased. You must present a photo ID, along with your valid boarding pass, in order to board the bus.

Trailways Boarding Pass

The boarding pass(es) is (are) the only document acceptable for admittance onto the bus for transportation. You must present your boarding pass to the driver, along with your government-issued photo ID, as you prepare to board a bus. No passenger will be allowed onto the bus without a boarding pass and government-issued photo ID.

You must print your boarding pass(es) at the time of purchase. Boarding passes are non-transferable. If a boarding pass is presented by any person other than the individual whose name appears on the boarding pass, it will be void and subject to confiscation by any employee of any of the bus carrier on which transportation was supposed to be provided.

Neither Trailways nor the bus carrier providing transportation are responsible for delays due to breakdowns, road conditions, weather or any other condition beyond the bus carrier's control.

Please Note: The Trailways Administrative Office does not own or operate the independent bus companies in its network.

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