From the first sight of a robin to the glimpses of fresh grass beneath the melting snow, you can tell that spring will be here soon! Celebrating the season and all the beautiful blooms that come with it is easy with Trailways and a variety of flower shows across the country. Flower enthusiasts of all types will enjoy strolling through the themed showrooms and learning about gardening techniques. Book your trip today!

charter bus to flower shows
Take your gardening club to one of these shows for fresh inspiration and expertise. Each of these shows includes unique displays that will leave you awe-struck with spring fever!





The large flower shows in big cities are a perennial favorite, but they tend to draw large crowds and sell-out fast. Plan ahead if you want your bus company to secure tickets, parking and hotel, if needed.


No matter which show or city you’re planning a trip to, Trailways can help get you there. Book your trip today!